Wall Wraps

High Quality Wall Wraps for Police, Fire, and EMS

At OnSiteDecals, we use high quality vector art which looks phenomenal at a large scale! Vector art is composed only of geometric shapes like lines, curves, or circles.  This means the art work won't lose it's quality when resized to a larger scale.


We also use high quality 3M vinyl which conforms to flat suraces and has excellent hiding power. This material uses pressure activated adhesive allowing for quick and easy installation without damaging the wall undernearth. 

Wall Wraps:

Wall wraps are an exceptional way to turn your empty walls into beautiful branded art. We look at walls as a blank canvas with limitless possibilities. Do YOU want jaw-droping department lobbies, hallways, or offices? Our in-house creative team is capable of turning any idea into a reality. 


Painting a mural is expensive, messy, and unpredictable. Wall wraps are a faster, more straightforward process to add a personal touch to your department or office space. Once our creative team has created your idea, you will then be able to see the design and can make any necessary changes so the art is exactly what was dreampt of.     

Custom Badge Decals for Sheriff's Department
Fire Department Wall Decal
Police Badge Wall Decal
Custom Wall Decals for First Responders and Businesses

Wall Decals:  

Not ready to commit to a full wall wrap but want to add a personal touch to your department or office space? Wall graphics are a perfect way to represent your deparment or company on a smaller surface area. We can install your department badge or patch, or your coampny logo to any wall, window, or door to spruce up your space.